Pay Per Click Ads are very competitive and can be very expensive with little results if done incorrectly.  Great execution requires the marketing know how and the ability to analyze the task at hand. We develop the right content to attract the right people, and track those people throughout your sales process.  With that information, we are able to optimize multiple variables to maximize the performance of the campaign such as location of prospect, time of day, keywords and keyword bids, and many more. We pride ourselves on superior Adword campaigns from the average marketing company. The Elevated Solutions PPC/AdWords management team has over 21 years of experience, providing PPC services since before Google was founded. With an estimated $5 million of managed PPC budget through the years, our team offers an experienced and skilled team capable of operating highly efficient and productive AdWords campaigns. Elevated Solutions focuses on bottom-line metrics; optimizing AdWords campaigns to maximize advertising ROI. Our campaigns are created and managed per AdWords standards and best practices and our AdWords management team is certified by Google. We have a direct relationship with Google which includes Google representatives who will assist us if and when needed. This ensures that we are aware of the latest AdWords advances, that we receive campaign performance assistance and that our requests are expedited by Google. Our PPC management team includes engineers and marketing professionals, allowing for a deep skill set that addresses (1) technical data analysis as well as (2) effective consumer communications.