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We make it our goal to get to know clients on a personal level in order to create a partnership with a mutual goal to be the best! Getting to know our clients ensures that we create the right content with the right goals, reaching the right people. We do this while also ensuring that our clients understand the steps we are taking and are active participants in the brainstorming and creation of marketing content. Elevated Solutions aims to be an extension of each company we work with, not simply a service. We provide a personalized plan and strategy for each company and niche we do business in, and also make sure that we do not have any overlap with a strict rule of only servicing one construction company, in each niche, in each geographical area we work in. 

“Elevated Solutions has immediately helped us increase our leads; so much so that we haven’t had to turn on our lead flow with a paid service in months!”

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Meet Brad Akers


The owner and founder of Elevated Solutions Marketing LLC is Brad Akers.  Brad started his passion for construction in college working summers for a large semi-custom builder in Houston, TX. The construction process and the end products created a love for this industry. What he found, however, was that each trade, though offering great work and unique value, went largely under the radar. Fast forward a couple of years and Brad graduated college and began his career in distribution of construction material. He worked with many contractors one-on-one servicing their business. Some small, some big. Some national, some local. What Brad began to notice was that even in the residential home improvement space many companies lacked the proper brand recognition or marketing to get their name out there. The majority of any sale happened at the first meeting and any following meetings until a contract was signed. Brad felt as though the sale should begin much before the first meeting with a solid brand, and with customer engagement before the kitchen table close. That is why he created Elevated Solutions Marketing LLC. With a sales backbone and a love of the chase, Brad has created a system that can be matched to construction professionals’ unique needs that can increase recognition, generate leads, and make closing more of an eventuality rather than an if.


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